GrabFood Opens First ‘Cloud Kitchen’ In S’pore With 10 F&B Brands – “More To Come” In 2020

GrabFood announced today that it has opened its first cloud kitchen in Singapore — yes, this means that it now delivers food to your tables and your doorstep. Located in Hillview at Bukit Batok area, GrabKitchen brings over 10 F&B brands, including three new virtual restaurants. Merchants include Wolf Burgers, CarversX, PlayMADE, Grandma’s Place, Thai…(Continue Reading)

Resolved: Eating In Bed Is Fine!

It was a rainy, crummy Saturday in New York and, in a fit of malcontent, I texted one of the guys I’m seeing, “I have a PLAN. Shower, throw on sweats, come over and let’s [CENSORED], get [CENSORED], eat pizza in bed, [CENSORED] again and then maybe nap?” Read more…

I Bought A 260,000-Mile ‘Holy Grail’ Jeep Grand Cherokee Sight Unseen From The Middle Of Nowhere. Getting It Home Nearly Broke Me

“I think I’m going to fly home. I can’t take this anymore,” Brandon mumbled as he sat slouched in the corner of a Denver bar. It was approaching midnight, and my friend was in shambles, his spirits having been crushed by 12 straight hours of extreme, high-intensity wrenching on the rare, manual transmission Jeep Grand……(Continue Reading)